Research Lesson Study

Evidence suggests that RLS is an important tool to enhance professional practice and collaboration.

GTCNI is committed to fostering good practice and developing a culture, which feeds into the thinking on teacher professionalism. Year–on–year changes in the education sector; sees teachers increasingly having to up skill to stay at the forefront of change in the education sector.

The Research Lesson Study (RLS) pilot projects supported by GTCNI across Northern Ireland provided significant evidence that the RLS methodologies could have a significant impact in our classrooms. The follow–up dissemination conferences also highlighted that the RLS programme had galvanised teaching confidence of participating teachers and encouraged creative and joint solution processing, in terms of open, collaborative participation and the opportunities it presented in evolving their very own bespoke brand of lesson framework.

The GTCNI the conferences also demonstrated that RLS can effectively nurture the values in practicing a reflective approach and providing teachers with tools they can draw on to support their professionalism in the context of a modern–day classroom situation.

GTCNI RLS pilot programme

GTCNI spent two years developing Lesson Study in schools across the country in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast and LSUK’s Pete Dudley – with G Senior Education Officer, Gerry Devlin leading the development project for the GTCNI and Debie Galanouli and Professor John Gardner leading the research work at Queen’s University Belfast.

Over 30 schools participated in the development and research programme. The research report published by The Standing Conference on Teacher Education North and South (SCoTENS) Exploring Japanese Lesson Study as a Model of Peer–to–Peer Professional Learning.

For more information contact the GTCNI Senior Education Officer Gerry Devlin by email: or explore the Pete Dudley’s excellent website on Lesson Study UK.

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