Governance - General Teaching Council NI


The Council is the corporate body responsible for how the GTCNI operates and delivers its statutory remit and the objectives set out in its annual Business Plan and Corporate Strategy.

The Council includes:

  • 14 elected teachers;
  • 5 teachers appointed by the Northern Ireland Teachers’ Council;
  • 10 appointed from key educational stakeholders; and
  • 4 Department of Education ministerial appointments including 1 representative of industry and commerce and 3 reflect the wider public interest.

All members of Council serve a four year term and the Chair of Council and Vice Chair are elected by the Council.

Council membership (2019 – 2023)

Elected Members

Nursery School representative

  • Sonia McGowan (Appointed October 2019)

Special School representative

  • Julian Morgan (Appointed October 2019)

Primary School Teacher representatives

  • Catherine McBridge (January 2020)
  • Ciara Duffy (Appointed October 2019)
  • Shaunagh Lambe (Appointed October 2019)
  • Lisa Magennis (Appointed October 2019)
  • Catriona Mullan (Appointed April 2016)

Secondary School Teacher representatives

  • Dr David Baxter (Appointed October 2019)
  • Siobhan McElhinney (Appointed April 2016 – Vice Chair)
  • Brendan Morgan (Appointed April 2016 – Chair)
  • Susan Parlour (Appointed April 2016)
  • Keith Smith (Appointed October 2019)

Primary School Principal representative

  • Dr Graham Gault (Appointed October 2019)

Secondary School Principal representative

  • Fiona Kane(Appointed October 2019)

Appointed Members

Northern Ireland Teachers’ Council

  • Raymond Beggs (Appointed April 2016)
  • Emma Loughridge (Appointed October 2019)
  • John Kelly (Appointed October 2019)
  • Gordon White (Appointed March 2016)
  • Geri Cameron (January 2020)

Education Authority

  • Áine Andrews (Appointed November 2006)
  • John Unsworth (Appointed October 2019)

Council for Catholic Maintained Schools

  • Geraldine Duffy (Appointed May 2020)
  • Paul O’Doherty (Appointed October 2015)

Comhairle na Gaelscolaiochta

  • Maria Thomasson (Appointed October 2019)

Governing Bodies Association

  • Mary Lou Winchborne (Appointed October 2015)

Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education

  • Cliodhna Scott–Wills (Appointed October 2015)

Transferor Representatives’ Council

  • John Wilkinson (Appointed October 2019)

Trustees of Catholic Maintained Schools

  • Martin Cromie (Appointed October 2019)

Universities Council for the Education of Teachers

  • Dr Martin Hagan (Appointed October 2015)

Department of Education

  • Maria Mullally (Appointed March 2016)

Length of each term of appointment

  • The term of the Council is 4 years. All appointed elected and nominated members can serve two terms subject to re–election and nomination. 
  • Appointment of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson is for up to 4 years as determined by the Council within any Council term.

    Remuneration (per annum)

    • Chairperson – if appropriate is £10,000  per annum plus travel & subsistence expenses
    • Vice–Chairperson – travel & subsistence expenses
    • Members – travel and subsistence expenses
    • Support for substitution costs can be claimed by any school for the release of teacher member to attend Council meetings

      Estimate Workload

      • Chairperson – circa 1day per week
      • Vice Chairperson –  circa 20 days per annum
      • Members – circa 15 days per annum

        Corporate Governance Framework

        The Council has endorsed a new Corporate Governance Framework setting out its oversight role, standing orders and Code of Conduct.

        Corporate Governance Framework

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