Governance - General Teaching Council NI



The Council is the corporate body responsible for how the GTCNI operates and delivers its statutory remit and the objectives set out in its annual Business Plan and Corporate Strategy.

The Council includes:

  • 14 elected teachers;
  • 5 teachers appointed by the Northern Ireland Teachers’ Council;
  • 10 appointed from key educational stakeholders; and
  • 4 Department of Education ministerial appointments including 1 representative of industry and commerce and 3 reflect the wider public interest.

On 13th December 2021 the Minister for Education announced in the Northern Ireland Assembly her decision to stand down the Council with immediate effect.  This was in light of an independent review of Board effectiveness and its operation. The form of future governance arrangements are to be considered. In the interim governance of GTCNI will be undertaken by the Department of Education.

    Corporate Governance Framework

    The Council has endorsed a new Corporate Governance Framework setting out its oversight role, standing orders and Code of Conduct.

    Corporate Governance Framework

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