Committee Membership - General Teaching Council NI


Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

Ainé Andrews, Dr David Baxter, Raymond Beggs, Geri Cameron, Paul O’Doherty, Susan Parlour, T Salmon (Ind), J Wilkinson.

Finance & General Purposes Committee

Dr Graham Gault, Shaunagh Lambe, Emma Loughridge, Catherine McBride, Siobhan McElhinney (ex–officio), Sonia McGowan, Brendan Morgan (ex–officio), Keith Smith.

Policy, Registration and Regulation Committee

Dr Martin Hagan, Fiona Kane, Siobhan McElhinney (ex–officio), Lisa Magennis, Brendan Morgan (ex–officio), Julian Morgan, Maria Mullally, Maria Thomasson, Gordon White, Mary Lou Winchborne.

Human Resources Committee

Martin Cromie, Catherine Duffy, Geraldine Duffy, John Kelly, Siobhan McElhinney (ex–officio), Brendan Morgan (ex–officio), Catriona Mullan, John Unsworth, Cliodhna Scott–Wills

List of council members

  • Brendan Morgan (Chair)
  • Siobhan McElhinney (Vice–Chair)
  • Ainé Andrews
  • Dr David Baxter
  • Raymond Beggs
  • Geri Cameron
  • Martin Cromie
  • Ciara Duffy
  • Geraldine Duffy
  • Dr Graham Gault
  • Dr Martin Hagan
  • John Kelly
  • Fiona Kane
  • Shaunagh Lambe
  • Emma Loughridge
  • Catherine McBride
  • Sonia McGowan
  • Lisa Magennis
  • Julian Morgan
  • Maria Mullally
  • Catriona Mullan
  • Paul O’Doherty
  • Susan Parlour
  • Cliodhna Scott–Wills
  • Keith Smith
  • Maria Thomasson
  • John Unsworth
  • Gordon White
  • John Wilkinson
  • Mary Lou Winchborne

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